Welcome to Jenny Hart

Jenny Hart is a full-day Christian Preschool and Kindergarten committed to quality childcare in the community of Irvine. We put emphasis on our play based programs which focus on building healthy social skills, while exposing children to pre-academic concepts. Our school activities offer a balance between teacher-directed and child-initiated learning experiences, appropriate for each age group.

Play Based Learning

We believe children learn through play. Our curriculum allows for children to freely explore our stimulating environment purposefully designed for optimal learning.

Small Class Sizes

Our program serves 97 children per day, ages 2 through Kindergarten. Our small class sizes of 16-17 children with two teachers allow for individual attention and opportunities for small group learning.

Social-Emotional Growth

We encourage the growth of self-esteem, social skills and creativity while developing meaningful relationships. Our children develop resilience while learning to be good friends, find their voices and to take personal responsibility.

5 Days A Week

We are a year round, full day program. Open Monday through Friday. You may drop off and pick up your child between the hours of 7:00 am - 6:00 pm.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Practices

 Class sizes will be kept as small as possible, no larger than 14 children in the same class group.
 Class groups (cohorts) will stay with the same staff members and group of children to the greatest extent possible.
 To minimize exposure to both children and staff, we will limit the number of staff and other children, that each child may encounter.
 All staff will wear face coverings while in the building and around children or other staff members.
 Staff will undergo a health check upon arrival, which includes a temperature check.
 Each child will have their own designated chair and place at the table that will remain consistent.
 Each child has their own individual art supplies and sensory materials.
 Activities will be provided for individual play and small groups to limit close contact as much as possible.
 We will provide visual cues on the floor and in the classroom to help children understand where they can play.
 When possible, we will eliminate waiting in lines.
 Teachers will limit physical contact with children to caregiving routines and times of comfort.
All staff has been trained in proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Custodians will continue to clean and sanitize each night. In addition, we have adopted the following procedures.
 Items have been removed from the classroom that cannot be easily sanitized.
 All toys that are used will be collected after use and sanitized each night.
 Children will have dedicated crayons and markers to use.
 There will be no shared sensory activities.
 All high contact areas will be sanitized after high-use times.
 When possible, windows will remain open to allow for fresh air and ventilation.
We will continue current handwashing/sanitizing times and intervals.
The intervals include:
 Upon arriving
 Before going to the playground
 After coming inside from the playground
 After toileting or anything involving a bodily fluid
 Before and after eating
 Before leaving for the day
In addition, we implemented the following procedures:
 Staff will assist each child in washing their hands and ensure teaching proper handwashing etiquette for at least 20 seconds.
 Staff will turn the water on and off for each handwashing.
 The staff will administer soap to each child.
 All adults entering the building must wear face coverings.
 Authorized adults must check children in and out of the center each day using a full signature on the sign in and out sheet at the front door.
 Except for authorized staff, no adults are allowed in the Jenny Hart building past the pony wall that separates the building’s entryway to the Jenny Hart hallway, unless it is an urgent or extenuating circumstance.
 Upon the arrival of all children, a health check will be conducted using a touchless thermometer.
 Jenny Hart staff will escort the child to their class and from their class.

Interested in Enrolling Your Child to a Class?

Attend a Tour

Due to COVID-19 modifications and safety practices, we will not be conducting parent tours at this time. Please call the school directly for the next steps on enrolling at Jenny Hart.

Click here to schedule your tour today!

The Wait List

There are many factors that we take into consideration when enrolling our classrooms so our waitlist isn’t numbered.

Please keep in mind that even if you come on the same parent tour as your neighbor, you may not be offered enrollment at the same time. We balance our classrooms for optimal learning.

Keep in Touch

You must remain active to be considered for enrollment.

We recommend calling Jenny Hart monthly to update your enrollment status to helps us get to know which families are genuinely interested in attending Jenny Hart.

You’ve Been Accepted!

We begin enrolling in the spring for the following school year. If you are offered enrollment for September, you can also request start dates in July and August.

You’ll receive a phone call when an opening is available for your child and we’ll let you know what the next step will be. Just make sure to keep in touch with us!

Meet some of our Leadership Staff at Jenny Hart

Our dedicated family of teachers are fully qualified professionals in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Many of our staff hold AA or BA degrees as well as Teacher Permit Credentials for the State of California. All of our loving staff is CPR/First Aid certified, renewing as a whole staff every two years. Our minimal teacher turnover allows for program stability and the growth of meaningful relationships, not only with the children but also with their families. As a close-knit family, we pride ourselves in knowing all of the children as well as having the children know all of our staff.


Janelle Morgan

JHEEC Director

Babara Castro

Barbara Castro

Assistant Director- Enrollment

Leann Rogers

Leann Rogers

Assistant Director- Christian Ed

Announcements & Blog

Kindergarten Information Night

Kindergarten Information Night

If you are considering Jenny Hart Kindergarten for your child this fall, then you won’t want to miss our Jenny Hart Kindergarten meeting. We highly encourage ALL of our Pre-K parents to attend even if your kinder plans won’t include Jenny Hart. This meeting will be beneficial as we cover Kindergarten curriculum and what will […]

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We are adding a new room!

We are adding a new room!

We are thrilled to announce we will be adding a “young 2’s room” that will open January 2021. This new room allows for children to begin attending Jenny Hart as soon as they turn 2 and not have to wait until July. If you are interested in scheduling a tour please call to schedule 949-786-7392.

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