Parent Testimonies


As a close-knit family, we take pride in the positive reputation that has been built in our community. Jenny Hart is 90% word-of-mouth referral based. When asked about how our families hear about Jenny Hart, the most common answers are: friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers. A prospective parent recently shared with us that she actually found out about Jenny Hart while she was at the park, because the children that attended our preschool were the most well-behaved!

From “alumni” of past children’s families to current families, see what they are saying about us!

“We’ve been attending Jenny Hart now for 10 months and absolutely love it. It’s such a drastic improvement from where our daughter was before. The environment is so nurturing and the teachers are all about hugs and smiles. I wanted a play-based preschool for her and I think we found the perfect one in the area. My daughter runs in there every morning to get a hug from her teacher. What I love most is the daily log that I receive letting me know what they learned, when she slept, how much she ate and even her response to a thinking question. I could barely get her nap time out of the last school! Put your name on the waiting list asap because this one is long. Once you’re in though, you’re set!” Fagalde Family- May 2017
“We are so happy with Jenny Hart as the school of choice for Lucas. From the very onset of our initial visit, we could feel the warmth of the campus.  Within the first week of school, all the staff and teachers knew Lucas by name and he felt comfortable right away. We are supporters of learning through play and social interaction, which Jenny Hart provides with excellence. Lucas has developed and learned so much through his 3 years at Jenny Hart. All of his teachers have encouraged and supported his development. We were most impressed with the potty training he received in Blue Allies (2-3 y.o.). As a mom, I read up on potty training books, blogs, and talked with other moms, and felt overwhelmed at the notion of potty training, but then it came and went in one week. It was over before I even knew the “training” started. I didn’t know that potty training could be so easy, thanks to the dedicated teachers in his classroom! 
This year, I am seeing more development in writing, sounding out letters, learning the months of the year, and also more independence in self care.   Thank you, Yellow Ducks teachers!
We are also so pleased with the spiritual aspect of Jenny Hart. Lucas really enjoys chapel time and loves Bible stories. He likes the children’s Bible that he received this past Christmas from school, and we read it as part of his bedtime stories.
As a parent, I like that Jenny Hart keeps the parents informed of what’s happening on campus through notices and through the teachers. I like the daily reports that keeps me updated on Lucas’ interactions throughout the day.”
Julie Chang-Lee & Young Lee- February 2016

“JHEEC has truly been an answer to prayer.  With the many preschool options in Irvine, I wanted to make sure that we chose the right one for our children.  After touring multiple preschools, JHEEC stood out above the rest.  What really sets this place apart is their exceptional teachers/staff and teaching methods.  Unlike many preschools, the teacher-retention rate at JHEEC is high.  There are many dedicated teachers who have spent over a decade at JHEEC, and their nurturing and fun attitudes are great for the children.  I love how JHEEC blends academic and social skills so well — providing children with good foundational skills on both fronts.  I highly recommend JHEEC to any parent looking for a preschool in this area.  It’s no wonder that the waiting list at JHEEC is so long!”  -The Lim Family April 28, 2015


“We came to Jenny Hart through a referral, when our oldest was two years old, after many, many tours of various preschools/daycares in south orange county that we were just unhappy with. We can honestly say we absolutely fell in love from the moment we walked in. The first thing you notice is the facility is clean and bright and  set up in a manner that really helps your child adapt to a new “school environment”.  The classrooms are inviting and laid out to welcome even the shyest child. The second thing is how friendly the teachers and staff are and how they go out of their way to greet and welcome you and your child. Everyone makes an effort to learn your family names, even if your child is not in their class. They create a family environment and really care about what is going on in your child’s life. Whether it is a new sibling, or a move or just their love of all things Disney, they make it a point to know this and make your child feel special. I truly feel the Jenny Hart family has a genuine love for what they do and this shows in their classrooms. The children are happy and feel loved and empowered. Our daughter is now four years old and getting ready to go into the pre-k program. It has been truly amazing to see her grow and thrive, and we feel much of this is in part to what she has been taught and experienced at Jenny Hart.” – The Vincent Family, April 6, 2015


“After touring what seemed like every preschool in Irvine, we decided to enroll our twins in the 2-year old Blue Alligators class at Jenny Hart.  Seven months in, my husband and I feel that this is one of the best decisions that we’ve made for them, and our family, thus far.  Here’s why we love Jenny Hart:

·  Within two months (or maybe sooner?), every single teacher and administrator in the school knew our children by name and vice-versa.

·  The teachers and school are excellent at communication.  On a daily basis, we hear and read not only about how our children ate and napped, but also about the sweet little details of their day that we don’t want to miss out on…they said or did something funny, they played well with a particular friend, they were super proud of themselves for accomplishing something.

·  The teachers are caring, helpful and professional…in addition to passing along insightful tips on toddler behavior, the teachers were instrumental in helping us potty train (yay!).

·  At home, our kids are constantly singing new songs they learned at school, telling Mommy and Daddy how to make “good decisions,” and chatting away about all of their Jenny Hart friends and Blue Allie teachers.

· Parents and extended families are invited to many fun events throughout the year (Harvest Festival, Christmas Program, birthday celebrations, Bike-a-Thon, to name a few) that promote a sense of community and allow us to feel like part of the Jenny Hart family.  

We extremely happy to have joined Jenny Hart!”

 –Allison & Jason Pacourek, April 1, 2015


My daughter, Audrey, is currently a Kindergartener at Jenny Hart and Ms. Chris, Ms. Melina, and Ms. Barbara have made this year an absolutely wonderful experience for her, both academically and socially.

The academics ARE definitely above average. My daughter is reading books to her sisters’ class. She’s explaining that it isn’t really the ‘sun going down, but the earth rotating to make it look like the sun is going down.’ She understands 5 different ways to count to 100, the importance and meaning of Patriot Day, Veteran’s Day, and Martin Luther King at the perfect level that a Kindergartener should understand it. And she could tell you anything you’d want to know about an elephant, as well as 17 other animals.

 2 weeks ago, I asked what she had done at school that day and she said “Oh, just subtraction and we talked about matter (which they were studying in science) – you know, normal kindergarten stuff.”

The academic emphasis at Jenny Hart is amazing – that’s why we chose JH a year ago. But what I want to emphasize is the immeasurable aspects of Jenny Hart Kindergarten.  The reasons we are choosing it again this year for our twins.

Jenny Hart encourages parents to be as involved as they can and want to be in the classroom. This is something that will change in public school – so I jump at the chance to get involved. I had the opportunity to chaperone a field trip yesterday and while watching the students interact with each other, I couldn’t help but notice how KIND they are to one another. They are a team and they truly care about each other, every single one of them. It’s a close group of kids and families. The values that have been stressed through Bible class with Ms. Leann and their previous teachers are evident. This makes for such an open learning environment.

·     The students welcome the opportunity to help each other and accept help.

·     They worry about friends that have been out sick

·     They immediately stop to help a friend that has fallen down

·     They all celebrate the week’s VIP, their culture, family, and favorite things

·     They get excited for each other’s accomplishments

JH creates a love of learning JH Kindergarten allows the students to experience the responsibilities that will be expected of them in elementary school  while still in the loving, comfortable environment that they are accustomed to at Jenny Hart. The foundation of your child’s education is a big decision. JH Kindergarten creates confident learners, caring friends, avid hula hoopers and just well-rounded 1st graders.”

-Jennifer Smith, February 26, 2015


“Fully conveying how incredibly wonderful and brilliant Jenny Hart Preschool is in a short testimonial is such a difficult task!  Our daughter started as a Blue Alligator in August 2012, and in just one year has made an unbelievable transformation beyond our greatest expectations.  Between her speech and communication, gross & fine motor skills and social & emotional development, we are floored by our daughter’s growth and successes and attribute this advancement to Jenny Hart.  I have never met a team of such phenomenal teachers that are not only experts in early childhood development and teaching, but who genuinely care about your child’s well-being and success.  (The Jenny Hart Staff is the best!)  The school cultivates a sincere sense of community between the children and families, and hosts some of the most amazing events year round- from the beautifully planned Christmas Program to the lovely & fun Mother’s Day & Father’s Day lunches.  And of course, the day-to-day adventures these children endure in the classroom environment are truly both imaginative and educational.  We could not adore Jenny Hart more, and are forever grateful for all they have done for our daughter and family.  We are thrilled to be a part of this extraordinary school for many years to come!

– Kyle & Jill Obermire, July 8, 2013


“I don’t have words to describe how I feel about everyone at Jenny Hart, not only the staff, but the parents and children…You have given Michael everything a good parent wants for their child. Love, respect, compassion, friendship, tolerance, discipline, security, diversity…I could go on and on.  You know every single kid and treat every single kid equally, that says a lot about all of you.  Kids are not just a number or a name, they are people with hearts and souls. I love you for everything you have done for Michael, I will miss you deeply.  Thanks Jenny Hart!!!”

-Olga Betzler,  June 30, 2013